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Longbeard is a digital media design firm intent on stirring creative revolution in the non-profit space. Bringing to bear technology and design, we work with our clients to help them move hearts and turn heads.


Headquartered in Rome, Toronto, and Cape Town and serving a global client base, we have united a team of creatives, developers, videographers, and marketers to work with organizations to be a force for change our world desperately needs.



“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” —Sun Tsu.  Longbeard is all about digital know and know-how.  Share your mission and together we’ll realize it.


We keep it in-house. Longbeard’s Creative and Development teams collaborate in tandem daily to ensure a fluid and efficient workflow.  Whether you are looking to make a splash digitally or in print, we got you covered.


Technology is the vehicle by which you transform your aspirations into effects.  Our expertise in integrating technologies into workflows helps organizations grow into rich content producers that make waves.