Website launch for the Holy See

Matthew had the privilege of addressing the media and partner organizations of the Holy Father’s M&R Section at their web launch.

Holy See takes another digital step forward

Matthew was invited by the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue to attend a digital media unveiling event in Rome. Always great to connect with friends and clients. Check out the new video resource the Council just launched here.

Longbeard and the OFM Curia team-up to launch a new website

Longbeard was invited by the OFM General, Fr. Michael Perry, to speak to the technological vision of the OFM. The evening ended with the launch of their new website.

Premiere of Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” in Rome

Longbeard was asked by the Jesuits to assist Martin Scorsese’s staff with technical preparations for the premiere of his new film “Silence” at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. A night to remember!

Longbeard Creative Media - St. Michael's College Angel Lab - Matthew Harvey Sanders
The Way He Started

“Founders of Angel Lab and other students – potential start-up creators themselves – wanting to learn more about start-ups posed that question to St. Mike’s graduate Matthew Sanders last Friday during a workshop held at Odette Hall.”

Longbeard Creative Media - OFM Launch
With new website, Franciscans opt for their own ‘hip-hop’ style

“The worldwide Franciscan Order is launching a new website in order to better engage with the world. The head of the Franciscans said even more people have been searching the internet for information on their founder, St. Francis of Assisi, since Pope Francis was elected in 2013.”

Longbeard Creative Media - Catholic News Services - Matthew Harvey Sanders
Startup brings change to Catholic media

“The church needs to collaborate with skilled specialists to get serious about evangelization, says Canadian digital media, marketing entrepreneur.”

John Allen - Crux
Editor’s note on Crux redesign and vision

“Under the leadership of Matthew Sanders, they’re a joy to work with – and, as it happens, they’re not only tech savvy, but they’d also score really well on any test of Catholic literacy”