Matthew Sanders Founder & Managing Director
Patrick Wilson Chief Technology Officer
Dominic Gomes Creative Director
Cheridan Sanders Producer
Armando Arauz Designer
Evan Hennessy Full Stack Developer

Evan churns beautiful UI elements into pure interactive bliss with modern scripting languages so they come out sweeter than your smile and smoother than butter on a bald monkey.

He likes taking short walks on the beach and taking pictures of pictures of sunsets.

Monica Slovak Project Manager

Bossy from a young age, Monica was born to tell people what to do 😉.

Coming from a media and arts background, she is a creative mind with shrewd business sense.

Andrew Peloso Designer

Impassioned and driven to get results, Andrew uses video and design to engage target-audiences.

Whether filming on-set, video editing, or crafting UX/UI, Andrew enjoys partnering with energetic teams to realize a projects full potential.

Felipe Cattani Chief Financial Officer

An analytical mind highly motivated by the opportunity to improve processes and deliver results.

Erik Freundorfer Web Designer

Creating intuitive and enjoyable experiences for the user is the name of the game for Erik. Whether it is the big picture or in the micro interactions, having a fluid and complete design is always great to build.

It’s all in the details.

Johan van Zyl Designer

A wizard specializing in visual spells.

Johan revels in the creative process. He enjoys creating experiences and real connections through the filter of design. When he is not busy designing, you’ll find him somewhere in the mountains.

Sophie Peeters Designer

Finding beautiful ways to communicate is what Sophie is all about. Using her fine arts and media background, she is a strong believer in sharing the experiences of life through meaningful and impactful designs.

Liam le Roux Designer

Working across print and screen, Liam’s aim is to use design to engage, empower and educate. He revels in the intricacy of design and believes each detail should be treated like a work of art.