Matthew Harvey Sanders Founder & CEO
Nathan Tijerina Chief Operating Officer
Patrick Wilson Chief Technology Officer
Cheridan Sanders Account Manager
Monica Slovak Account Manager

Coming from a media and arts background, she is a creative mind with shrewd business sense.

Erik Freundorfer Web Designer

Creating intuitive and enjoyable experiences for people is the name of the game for Erik. Whether it is the big picture or in the micro interactions, having a cohesive design is always the goal.

Michelle Benade Designer

Michelle has a passion for visual language. She enjoys coming up with beautiful ways to communicate meaningful things and moving ideas from good to great. She aspires to stay curious and continually share her curiosities with others.

Johan van Zyl Designer

A wizard specializing in visual spells.

Johan revels in the creative process. He enjoys creating experiences and real connections through the filter of design. When he is not busy designing, you’ll find him somewhere in the mountains.

Madelin Poinier Account Manager

In addition to having a friendly, outgoing personality, she’s a problem-solver who’s detail-oriented and organized.

Liam le Roux Designer

Working across print and screen, Liam’s aim is to use design to engage, empower and educate. He revels in the intricacy of design and believes each detail should be treated like a work of art.

Nabeel Monier Designer
Sophie Peeters Designer

Finding beautiful ways to communicate is what Sophie is all about. Using her fine arts and media background, she is a strong believer in sharing the experiences of life through meaningful and impactful designs.